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Posted By: on 5th September 2016

Here at Jeff ‘n’ Joys we try to give our customers the sort of service we would like to receive when we buy something for ourselves.  We both love books and we want our customers to enjoy the whole book-buying experience when they purchase a book from us.

So, we were absolutely thrilled when one of our customers, Steve Woodland, said how happy he was with his purchase and has very kindly sent us the following testimonial.  Normally we prefer to hide our light under a bushel… that’s what bushels are for aren’t they?  But we were over the moon with this so we have included this as a blog post.  So thank you Steve, and I hope we can be of assistance again.

“Most of us buy things on line all the time, and the service is, as we all know, variable. Sometimes you buy something and it stands out as being a special transaction and you just feel you’d like to tell others in the hope that they will buy something from the same place and have similar experiences. So it was with my recent purchase of Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

I have a complete set of 1st editions of the Arthur C Clarke award winners, and each year wait with anticipation to see which book will win from the short list. Usually there are reasonable choices available to buy any of these, and often signed copies, but this year there was a real shortage of the available options for all the listees. However I had spotted a few as being available, including a copy of this book in the stocks of Jeff ‘n’ Joys Quality Books. That meant that when the award winner was announced I was able to quickly clinch the purchase.

The book was described cautiously as very good because of a bump on one corner so I was somewhat nervous about what might come. I should not have worried. From the personalised order acknowledgement email, to the receipt of what I can only describe as the mostly carefully packed book I have ever received, it was a pleasure to do business with Jeff. The description proved to be, in my humble view, very cautious because I would have called it near fine and I’m sure some sellers would have stretched it to fine. But caution is no bad thing and I can only admire Jeff for such honesty and realistic pricing there-from

However my “luck” did not stop there.

I got into an email exchange with Jeff about where this novel fitted into a rather unique collection and mentioned that almost all of my copies of these books were also signed by the authors. I asked him if he thought he could get a signed copy of this novel and, although he said he probably couldn’t, he provided me with a link to Adrian Tchaikovsky. He suggested I contact him, explain the situation and the relatively unique collection and ask him directly if he would sign it for me. I duly asked the question, and was so thrilled when just 2 hours later I had a reply saying he would be pleased to do so. My next task is to try to pack it as well as Jeff did and send it off for signature.

To anyone looking for a book and finding it listed by Jeff ‘n’ Joys Quality Books I would say “buy with confidence”. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.”

Steve Woodland

August 2016