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Elves Once Walked With Gods

No book cover available, blank cover
  • Author: James BARCLAY
  • Publisher: Gollancz
  • Published: 2010
  • Description: Softback, Very Fine
  • Dust Jacket Condition: No dustjacket
  • Edition: Second
  • Ref: 8891
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Comments & Further Information

First UK trade (large sized) paperback with a 2-10 number sequence indicating a second impression. VERY FINE and UNREAD condition and comes complete with the publisher’s press release. Elves Book One . “The elves have fled to Calius, seeking to escape the overwhelming power of the demonic Garonin. A desperate last stand in their own dimension saved the race, at the cost of 100,000 elves lost to the Garonin. The elf who led that fight, Takaar, is blamed for the losses and has gone into hiding. Now the weakened elf race is tearing itself apart in civil war, human mercenaries have arrived in Calius and are ripping the continent apart. Only one elf can unite his race… And only one elf believes in him. A young warrior named Auum sets out to bring back the shamed hero and save the elven race.” IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DESPATCH