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Book cover ofThe Arrows of Time
  • Author: Greg EGAN
  • Publisher: Gollancz
  • Published: 2013
  • Description: Softback, Near Fine
  • Dust Jacket Condition: No dustjacket
  • Edition: First (Trade Paperback)
  • ISBN-13: 9780575105768
  • Ref: 12893
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Comments & Further Information

A first UK edition tradepaperback  (large format: 152mm x 230mm) with a full 1 to 10 number sequence indicating a first printing.  Unread.  Some light tanning to pages and a small ripple in the laminate at the top of the book spine.

Orthogonal Book 3

SYNOPSIS:  “In a universe where space and time play by different rules, interstellar voyages last longer for travellers than for those they left behind.  After six generations in flight, the inhabitants of the mountain-sized spacecraft the Peerless have used their borrowed time to develop technology that could save their home world from annihilation.

But not every traveller feels allegiance to a world they have never seen, and as tensions mount over the long voyage home, a new complication arises: the prospect of constructing a messaging system that will give the Peerless news of its own future.

While some of the crew welcome the opportunity to be warned of impending dangers – and perhaps even hear reports of the ship’s triumphant return – others are convinced that knowing what lies ahead in their own lives will be oppressive, and that the authorities will abuse the system for political gain.  When a vote fails to settle the matter and dissent erupts into violence, the inhabitants of the Peerless must decide…”