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Book cover ofSaturns Children
  • Author: Charles STROSS
  • Publisher: Orbit
  • Published: 2009
  • Description: Softback, Very Good
  • Dust Jacket Condition: No dustjacket
  • Edition: Reprint
  • ISBN-13: 978184149568
  • Ref: 13274
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Comments & Further Information

A UK  paperback edition in very good condition for its age.  Age tanning to pages.  The covers are showing signs of wear at the extremities.  Crease across the bottom left-hand corner of rear cover and the laminate has lifted a little at the edge of the front cover (visible in the picture).  Reading creases to the spine.

synopsis:  “Freya Nakamachi-47 has some major existential issues.  She’s the perfect concubine, designed to please her human masters – hardwired to become aroused at the mere sight of a human male. There’s just one problem: she came off the production line a year after the human species went extinct…

In the 200 years since the last human died, Mankind’s children have learned their lesson well, and installed a rigid social hierarchy every bit as iniquitous as the worst in human history.  So when Freya has a run-in on Venus with a murderous aristocrat, she needs passage off-world in a hurry – and she can’t be too fussy about how she pays her way.

But if Venus was a frying pan, Mercury is the fire – and soon she’s going to be running for her life. Because the job she’s taken as a courier has drawn her to the attention of powerful and dangerous people, and they don’t just want the package she’s carrying.  They want her soul…”